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We are pleased to share that Beacon High School(Khar West)is now a SFA member school and is participating at the SFA Championship 2019-20, Mumbai (Season 5).The SFA Championship is an annual Olympics for inter school sports –where leading schools’ athletes will be competing across 27 disciplines of sports to win the prestigious title of the ‘No. 1 School for Sports’ in Mumbai.SFA has formulated a holistic integrated sporting ecosystem that enables identification, nurture and empowerment of athletes across all sports.

The journey has already begun with the revolutionization of grass-root level sports. SFA professionally works towards mobilizing India into a sports powerhouse.Our young players will get an enhanced sporting experience through this Championship:1.Professional Standard Sporting Experience2.Complimentary Drinking Water3.Instant Medical Support and Physiotherapist4.Certificate of Participation5.Nominations for Special Awards/Scholarships6.Complimentary Enerzal Energy Drink7.Link your performance to your School’s Ranking8.Free entry to all Coaches/Parents/Guardians9.Use Referral Code to get SFA Coupons up to Rs.1000**10.Sports education seminars and workshopsDates: 1st Dec –15th Dec 2019 (Sport Wise dates will be announced at least 15 days prior to the Championship)

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circular SFA championship


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