ICSE Result According to Subjects

The Number of 100% secured in the following subject   Subject Students English Literature 3 History 2 Math 3 Physics 1 Chemistry 3 Biology 2 TD 4 PEd 5 C S 2


"If I had my child to raise all over again, I'd build self - esteem first,and the house later. I'd finger - paint more, and point the finger less. I would do less correcting and more connecting. I'd take my eyes off my watch,and watch with my eyes. I'd take more hikes...

Outstanding Achievement

Master Aditya Desousa from Std. 5B (Now 6B) achieved a personal milestone representing his school Beacon High and being the only student from his school to win a scholarship of Rs 50000/- from Hindustan Times. This was awarded to him for an essay he wrote on 'Are We...

Grade IX Practicals Time Table 2019

BEACON HIGH Orals & Praticals 2019 Days / Date Grade IX (A) Mon 4th Feb Physics Praticals (4 & 5) Sonali Tue 5th Feb Biology Praticals (8 & 9) Kshama Wed 6th Feb Chemistry Praticals (4 & 5) Afra

Beacon Buzz 2018 – 19 [School Magazine]

Magazine Theme- ‘Miracles do happen if you believe in.’ Kindly send your stories, write ups, poems, pictures, paintings, etc. on the following E-mail Id: magazine@beaconhigh.in Submission date:20th November

Vacancy Available

Teacher's vacancy available for Grade 09th and 10th for subjects Maths & Science.


Days / Date Grade VI Grade VII Grade VIII Grade IX Grade X Thursday 9th August Physics     (1 1/2) Chemistry (2) Hindi (2) Eng Lit (2) Maths                           CS (2 1/2) / (2) Friday 10th August History      (1 1/2) Maths (2) English Lit (2) Physics & Eco...

Written Evaluation Time Table July 2018

WRITTEN EVALUATION TIME - TABLE July 2018 Day & Date Grade V Monday,23rd July Math Wednesday,25th July Social Studies Friday,27th July English Language Monday,30th July Hindi Wednesday,1st August Marathi Friday,3rd August English literature Monday,06th August...