Dear Parents,

The process and options are laid down below. You are requested to adhere to the process and follow the guidelines provided.

  1. The Username & Password used for Login to School App and Student Dashboard can be used to Login to Fee Payment System.
  2. After login Parents with more than 1 child will see the names of their children. You would need to ‘Select’ one child and follow next steps and then repeat this for other child.
  3. Next step is to ‘Select Plan’. Parents can choose from Semi Annual and Annual plan. Once selected, the Plan cannot be changed for entire Academic Year.
  4. Once Plan is selected you would see the total amount due. Clicking on ‘Pay’ would show you detailed breakdown of various Fee heads. Click on ‘PAY’ and you would be directed to a secure payment gateway page. None of your financial details are stored on the school servers.
  5. Multiple options for payment are available i.e. Net Banking, Credit Card & Debit Card. Once payment is done you would be redirected to the Fee Payment System, where you can download the Fee receipts for your records. The Fee receipts will be available throughout the year and can be downloaded any time.
  6. This year we have ALSO ACTIVATED UPI. This is a Govt. of India initiative and you can pay using this method for any bank account that you have linked to UPI (and BHIM app). The fee for this is only Rs.12 per transaction.
  7. RuPay cards have a limit of Rs.25,000. So if you are using this card, kindly be aware that transaction amounts in excess of Rs.25,000 will be DECLINED BY YOUR BANK. This is not our system issue.YOU CANNOT MAKE FEE PAYMENT USING CORPORATE DEBIT CARD/CORPORATE CREDIT CARD & CORPORATE BANK ACCOUNT
  8. In case you face any difficulty while using the Fee Payment System, you can send a message to [email protected] and a team from our digital Partner would help you. Depending on the nature of the problem, it can take 24 to 48 hours to resolve. Please include all details of the child, screensnapshots and any other information that will help us resolve the issue.

Fee Payment link is now active. Please pay the fees before 30 April, 2018. You have the option to pay semi-annual or for the full year in a single transaction.For the list of Banks, Transaction Fees & policies, please click on the links below.
  Fee Payment Policies (2017-18)

  Fee Payment Policies (2018-19)

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