An 20 year old innovative and stimulating learning centre that provides a bright, cheerful & safe ambiance for the child to develop his / her pre-school skills. Each class provides a large and extensive range of age and skill appropriate equipment to expand and nurture the child’s development.

About us

Beacon High, an independent co-educational ICSE boutique school is managed under the aegis of R.K. Educational Foundation and headed by Mrs K. S. Jamali and Mrs S. A. Sumaya.

Beacon High was conceived out of a realization for the need of an educational institution that would tap the innate intellectual curiosity of the child and channelize this sense of exploration to bring about an all round development.

Since its inception in the year 2000, the school has blossomed from a strength of 54 students to almost 700 students at present. Each class from Pre-Nursery to Grade X comprises of not more than 28 students.

Thirteen batches of ICSE have appeared and passed with 100% results

We strongly advocate ‘Inclusive Education’ and as such we have Counsellors and Special Educators as part of our faculty to work.
The Interact Club is the student branch of the Rotary Club.The aim of the club is to instill in the student important life skills such as team building, leadership skills.
Nature Club conducted by the teachers of Beacon High. It is an effort towards “Care for Nature”. It involves voluntary members from the secondary section.
Grades I -VIII work on two topics per year and do an in depth study of the same. This is then presented by the students through power-point presentation, dramatization, debates, posters & projects.
Smart class is a digital initiative pioneered by Educomp with the world’s largest repository of digital content. This advanced concept brings in the technology into the classroom, thus enhancing.
Children are the creators of tomorrow. Through animation we strive to inculcate their skills of creativity, art, design and story – telling and enhance their self – expression & reasoning
Preparing teaching materials and using them in the teaching process ia an ongoing program at Beacon High. Our Teachers prepare hands – on material, game boards, task cards
Beacon high offers specially designed modules for Grade I – IV. Students get hands on practice on softwares used in animation, multimedia, gaming, web designing, movie making
Beacon High has introduced a mobile communication platform and safety tracking system connecting parents and the school through INTELLINECTS VENTURES. The system ensures easy access communication.
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